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Monday, November 22, 2004
Today's Roundup
An article like this makes me ask, Saddam was the bad guy, right? Children Pay Cost of Iraq's Chaos

These people are insane, Hawks push deep cuts in forces in Iraq and Increase in Iraq force is likely.

Do you know How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush? For the latest on the election go read Keith Olbermann's blog, Bloggermann. He is breaking the story that the Kerry/Edwards campaign has finally joined the recount in Ohio.

Check this one out, Scurrying to scuttle tax returns item. Just what I need, one of DeLay's lackeys looking at my tax returns,
The hang-up is because of a single line in the bill that would have given chairmen of the Appropriations Committees and their assistants access to people's income tax returns


I have no earthly idea how it got in there,'' Frist said on ''Fox News Sunday.'' ''But, obviously, somebody is going to know, and accountability will be carried out.''
Don't hold your breath on that accountability. I believe in Santa Claus more than that.

The cameraman who filmed the Fallujah Mosque shooting tells his story, Open Letter to Devil Dogs of the 3.1
The burdens of war, as you so well know, are unforgiving for all of us.
Heflin goes for recount vs. Vo in Texas Legislative race, Legislator Heflin requests vote recount.



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