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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Where I was yesterday and where we are now
Yesterday I worked my precincts polling place. That's why I didn't blog yesterday. I have done that now in the last two general elections and the primary this year. It's fun to watch the people that come in to vote.

Now to the election. It looks like my prediction was a little optimistic. Maybe. The one thing is this race is not over yet. I think the key is that this time we are going to count all the votes. Look at this recent post from dkos. I was wiped out when I got home last night and went to bed about 11;30 am and nothing was decided at that time. One thing I thought was interesting last night was the way the media I was watching (MSNBC and CNN) kept saying how Bush was debunking the exit polls. Why? They are trying to discredit the exit polls because if the exit polls are to be believed than there is something wrong with the election results. More on the exit polls. But MSNBC kept putting out their exit polling on issues that turned the election as gospel. Hmmm.

Also Remember and don't ever forget you cannot steal an election that isn't close. And the first defense of a good thief is a quick getaway. So whoever wants this over with quick may just not want any light shined on the situation. The other thing is that if Bush did win Ohio than that is fine. Let's just count all the votes and make sure this time. If Bush get's a second term he will be better off if he is legitimately elected this time. What's eleven days in the grand scheme of things.



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