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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Chris Floyd
Poison Pen
According to agents of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, President George W. Bush has signed a secret executive order approving the use of torture against prisoners captured in his "war on terror" -- including thousands of innocent people rounded up in Iraq and crammed into Saddam Hussein's infamous Abu Ghraib prison.


Most of the offences occurred long after the initial public scandal over "a few bad apples" at Abu Ghraib. For example, in June 2004, an FBI agent informed top officials in Washington that he had witnessed such torture techniques as "strangulation, beatings, [and] placement of lit cigarettes into the detainees' ear openings." The agent added that military officials "were engaged in a coverup of these abuses."
The latest on the DNC Chair Race
DNC CattleCall: Holiday Edition
In January, they'll be 4 regional DNC member gatherings. I encourage all the Netroots activists out there to attend one of them nearest to you, if possible. It's very likely that the active candidates for the DNC Chair will be in attendence, and be accessible to the public. I'll try to confirm that as we get nearer the event, at least for the Reform candidates attending. Again, here's the January dates and cities (exact locations will be available later): 1/8, Atlanta; 1/15, St. Louis; 1/22, Sacramento; 1/29 New York City. is going to be organizing roadtrips to the events, so you can also sign up there to be informed.

Now, on to the CattleCall. It's been a fairly slow couple of weeks, with few developments, and no one publically dropping out, but a couple of more possible entrants, raising the number of candidates circulating to 10
What do these people expect in return?
Businesses, individuals to provide $40 million for 2nd inauguration, set to military theme
Soldiers will dance free of charge at President Bush's second inauguration, a record $40 million-plus celebration for "a nation at war" financed by some of the same big donors who bankrolled Bush's re-election campaign.
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