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Monday, December 06, 2004
Flashback then Reality
Atrios takes us on a couple of flashbacks to what was being said in the media when Shock and Awe began and when Saddam was captured. It all seemed so easy back then. Like victory, whatever that was supposed to be, was near. But as usual reality rears its ugly head. More torture photos surface. Iraq is turning uglier by the day, 21 Killed in Fresh Iraq Violence, Snipers, car bombers infest Baghdad's airport road and the violence appear to be pushing it into a civil war if it hasn't already. And if that wasn't enough Musharraf said over the weekend that the world is "less safe" because of the invasion of Iraq and that the Bin Laden trail has gone cold.

The reason it's good to go back and look at that stuff is because over time we forget the specifics of what happened, I know I did. Shock and Awe, it was treated like a fireworks display by the media. Now we know that these weren't precision bombs, how can bombs making those kind of explosions be precise? Also with Saddam's capture, as you read the comments, you see how little credibility anyone that predicted things would get better after his capture now have. This was the first thing that was used to start tearing down Howard Dean. Guess who was right? But those two flashbacks put in context the current situation and how completely most Americans were marketed to by our Corporate run government and media. Nothing they said has come to pass.



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