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Thursday, December 09, 2004
The other day me and my wife had a discussion in the car about the election, one of many we have had. It was another discussion of why Kerry lost. This topic always frustrates me because I don't think he did. Which brings me to my point, all the talking people are doing, basically the media, about why Kerry lost. But in the next breath they will mention what happened in Ohio and maybe, if they're feeling brave, Florida. I'm not pointing fingers because I fall into it too but how can anyone discuss the WHY when they are still not sure of the WHAT. Meaning if you're talking or writing about the election problems it's seems pointless to then start discussing the results of an election you believe to be in error. Another thing that makes me mad and a recent Al Franken ad on Air America brought it to mind, is the fact that he's raising money for the Ohio recount but goes to great pains to make sure everyone knows that, "We don't think it will change the outcome". What's the point then? All this crap about, just making sure we get every vote counted, is just that, crap! Everyone was pissed about Kerry being wishy-washy during the campaign. Well the Democratic Party and it's surrogates won't even speak up about the fact that this election was fraudulent. I know I used the "F" word and that's not acceptable but it is the truth. So why is everyone scared to stick their neck out. Call them criminals and liars. Or as John Kerry said on the campaign trail, "this is the biggest bunch of liars and crooks I've ever seen". If he knows that and you know the media knows that then why won't anyone go after them? If you can answer that then you've got the key to unlock the door.

Which brings me to the next point that several of the big Liberal/Progressive/Democratic blogs have posted on recently. What the DLC has done to the party. Kos wraps it up, DLC's irrelevance. I brought it up because as we look ahead to the future of the Democratic Party this is the time to choose a direction. The way we have been going is not right. Since the DLC's heyday we have lost every branch of government. And if you believe that there was fraud in the election the DLC is not going to fight to find our about that. Just read what Will Rivers Pitt has to say about the Conyers Forum yesterday. Here is his running blog during the forum (LONG), The Conyers Hearing and here is his report (SHORT) From Selma to Ohio: A Report from the Conyers Hearing.

We move from there to the big pile of trash that your Congress passed yesterday. The "Intelligence Reform Bill". After 4 years and a whitewash commission this is what you get for your tax dollars. I don't want to get a riled up on 9/11 and the myths surrounding it but let's just say that terrorists did it and you want to stop terrorism, how do you do that? Not by starting wars based on lies with a country that never attacked us in the first place. Not to mention the fact that any new position with someone appointed by this country cannot be good. Here is what Senator Byrd had to say about it, Politics Surround Intelligence Reform, Hasty Action Leaves Too Many Gaps and Problems.



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