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Friday, December 17, 2004
Social Security is the line in the sand
I've got few things on my mind. One is the nomination of Bernard Kerik as the Secretary of Homeland Security. Bush liked this guy because he is a tough guy or at least exuded a tough guy image. This helped reinforce Bush's image of himself as a tough guy, "smokin' out taraists". Saint Rudy and Bush himself had already used him before and Bush figured he would burn up a little of his political capitol on a "real man" like himself. For those reasons they didn't check up on the guy and it burned them. What I can't figure out on this is why the SCLM has followed up on this one. Maybe they were given one to make Bush look a little vulnerable and maybe protect Alberto Gonzalez.

The other is the fact that we will find out in the next two years if there is still a Democratic Party in this country. As the years pass from the New Deal and all the great liberal accomplishments since then there is really only one left in tact and that is, of course, Social Security. To care for the disabled, those who lose their bread winner and the elderly is not only a great liberal and social need it is a human need. No matter what background we come from I believe that the idea of everyone coming together to take care of those that cannot take care of themselves is a worthwhile use of our resources. So in my estimation if the Democrats cannot unite in strong opposition against this proposed first step in the dismantling of Social Security, one of their most enduring legacies, then they might as well cease to exist.

Below are two articles by David Sirota about the future of the Democratic Party, Krugman with more information on the Bush lies on Social Security, Alberto Gonzalez will be the next nominee to have problems, more liberal history, and the bribing of our troops.

Krugman, Buying Into Failure. Also how they use an insider as a regular person. Next, Clamor Grows in the Privatization Debate. You know how a shark will die if it stops swimming? These people will die if they stop lying.

Two from Sirota, Debunking 'Centrism' and The Democrats? Da Vinci Code.

Alberto, Ex-Military Lawyers Object to Bush Cabinet Nominee.

A little history on how far we have come, when even Republicans were liberal, Trooping for Democracy.

If your in the National Guard the question is: How much is your life worth? U.S. National Guard Triples Recruitment, Retention Bonuses. The media, the "wing-nuts" and this administration like to tell us about are "all volunteer" army. This appears to be more like the coalition we put together. They are bribing soldiers to stay in. I think that called a mercenary. They take these people our of their private sector jobs, put them back in the military and where they get paid less. Because of that they're probably plunged into financial difficulties and I'm sure 15 grand looks pretty good. Pretty evil isn't it?



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