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Monday, December 06, 2004
Some interesting things
Chris Floyd, from Friday
Client State
The years of George W. Bush's sour misrule have been disastrous for many of his staunchest supporters. The Heartland folk have seen their jobs taken, liberties curtailed, communities withered, states bankrupted, prices hiked, schools neglected, pensions gutted, air poisoned, water tainted, and their children killed and maimed in an unjust war for profit that's made the world more dangerous. Yet still they swear allegiance to a leader whose every action -- as opposed to the honeyed hokum of his speeches -- expresses nothing but vicious contempt for those he governs.
This is just wrong. Did you read or see Catch-22?
Extended Iraq duty weighs on the troops
"I had a son in October. I haven't met him yet," said Sgt. Eric Wing, 24. "I was mostly wanting to get home for him."

Some people compare a military deployment to a marathon--a task requiring physical and mental pacing. Under that comparison, the soldiers of the 2nd Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division had nearly completed their 26.2 miles when they found out they would have to run even farther.

"Like any soldier over here, we're all ready to go home," said Sgt. Matthew Yost.
I wonder if these two are related in any way?
Federally Funded Abstinence-Only Programs Teach False And Misleading Information and Teen pregnancy has me seeing Red.

I'll be out tomorrow. See you on Wednesday.



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