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Monday, December 20, 2004
What will it take?
How many must die before the masses in this country take for a fact that the reasons for invading Iraq were non existent? What will it take for them to admit to themselves that the rationales for war: WMD, Saddam-al-Qaeda link, passing WMD to terrorists, and all the other fear mongering was just that? Many people have drawn comparisons between this war and the Vietnam War. There are some similarities, the main one being that the Executive Branch of government has lied to the people about the war. But to me the biggest difference between this war and Vietnam is that it took many years for a serious opposition to bubble up to the Vietnam War. In this war we are already way ahead of Vietnam in that respect. There were protests beforehand and many in the military, diplomatic and government community are already speaking out. So as for dissent in this war we are at this point further ahead than at this point in Vietnam. That is a hopeful sign. It means that we are considerably closer to the masses uniting against this war. Ask people you this question, "Nearly 1,300 Lives Lost - And For What?", and see what kind of answers you get.

A few things to look at on this front:

The President's reply to what Donald Rumsfeld told that soldier:
Q Thanks, Mr. President. Secretary Rumsfeld heard some complaints from soldiers yesterday, who said, among other things, they've got inadequate armor as they head into Iraq. Do you know how widespread this problem is, and what are we doing about it?

THE PRESIDENT: First, I appreciate the fact that the Secretary went and visited our troops and took questions from the troops. I had the honor of visiting with our troops at Camp Pendleton on Tuesday. It's such an uplifting experience to be able to speak directly to the troops. And I had the honor of meeting with the families of the fallen, as well.

The concerns expressed are being addressed, and that is we expect our troops to have the best possible equipment. And if I were a soldier overseas wanting to defend my country, I'd want to ask the Secretary of Defense the same question, and that is, are we getting the best we can get us? And they deserve the best. And I have told many families I met with, we're doing everything we possibly can to protect your loved ones in a mission which is vital and important. And that mission is to spread freedom and peace. And I want to thank all the troops who will be spending their Christmas season overseas, away from their families, for their sacrifice; and I want to thank the families once again for the sacrifices they have made, as well.
Notice he never answered the question, first of all. He also didn't say that Rumsfeld was wrong to say what he did. He just said that if HE was in Iraq, which in and of itself is funny enough, he would have the same question. Really? You would want to know why the Army has failed to armor vehicles when it could have been done already? Next he says that, "we're doing everything we possibly can to protect your loved..". An obvious lie , the previous story shows they obviously were not doing everything possible. This administration's dismissive treatment of this story just adds to the frustration that our soldiers and their families are feeling. Which will speed the masses into dissent and opposition.

The armor is only a tip of the iceberg as far as the horror that our military is having to deal with.

Ever heard of DU? Weapons of Self-Destruction

Stan Goff tells how We Will Reclaim Our Armed Forces!

Help out this organization, Operation Truth. Also watch the trailer for their documentary and donate if you can so they can get it released.

As I look at these stories their will be mounting pressure on this administration to change things. They will not. The part that scares me is that when the masses start to figure out the cards are stacked against them how do the rulers keep control? Also if things are this bad how will the American people allow more of their children to be sacrificed for their wars? My fear is that the only way for them to cement their hold on the government and the masses will be another terrorist attack on our soil.



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