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Thursday, January 20, 2005
The Coming Wars
I wrote a little about the most recent Seymour Hersh article linked above. The Department of Defense(DoD) quickly released a statement on the article. The DoD never denies in the statement that they've been conducting reconnaissance missions in Iran. They pick at a few technicalities of the article and personally attack Mr. Hersh, that's about it. The non-denial denial adds credence to the story.

Then last night I'm watching The Charlie Rose Show and who do they have on? Well I missed the intro so I have to watch to find out. First it's Biden blathering on about how bad Condi is but he hopes she will do a good job and that he is going to vote for her as well. When he is done with Biden Charlie says next will by Seymour Hersh and Richard Perle. Unfortunately they weren't on together. Hersh comes on and basically explains why the DoD is so pissed at him. It's because the story he tells points out that these missions are not being run by the CIA but by the DoD and therefore Congress does not have to be notified that they are taking place. The other reason is the Israeli involvement which he points out. So to refute Mr. Hersh we get a member of the Defense Policy Board (DPB), Richard Perle. The mission of the DPB is, "The Defense Policy Board will serve the public interest by providing the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary for Policy with independent, informed advice and opinion concerning major matters of defense policy." Make no mistake Mr. Perle is for more wars in the Middle East and hates Mr. Hersh, actually called him a terrorist. I didn't get to see the beginning of Mr. Perle's time on the show but when I did hear him you would have thought that Iraq is, except for a few little skirmishes here and there, pretty much a peaceful place. At one point and he was going on and on about how good things are there he actually said, I'm paraphrasing transcripts cost for this show, "I don't want to paint too rosy a picture". This guy isn't drinking the Kool-Aid he's making the stuff! Anyway he seems to think that if we bomb and/or invade Iran, and the other countries, it will be the same cakewalk that Iraq has been. Once we bomb or invade the people of Iran will see how bad their government is and overthrow them and democracy will take over and... Well you've heard it all before haven't you?

But Perle sticking his head above water is a troubling sign. It means that the neocons are still in charge. It also means that this administration feels that since it was "reelected" it is safe to bring out the less agreeable of the bunch and start making the case for more war. But the main thing that the DoD response and the resurfacing of Mr. Perle mean is that Mr. Hersh hit a nerve.

More on the not so rosy picture in Iraq,
In pictures: Shooting in Tal Afar
. The BBC has pictures of the aftermath of US troops shooting up a car filled with a family of seven.

Gee I wonder why Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein gave such a glowing introduction? Maybe this had something to do with it.



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