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Monday, January 17, 2005
Crisis, crisis, crisis
Here is how the Bush administration sells it's products. First they scare the life out of you and lie to you. Then they cram something down you throat that will do the exact opposite of what they say. Or you can read Paul Krugman's article today, That Magic Moment. He also has an interview in Rolling Stone, which is a good recap of the fake social security crisis. A little known fact about Social Security, About 16 percent of the 47 million people receiving Social Security benefits are disabled workers and their dependents. Also from the Sunday NYT a good overview of the SCSSC, A Question of Numbers.

Have you ever heard of the Peter Principle? The Peter Principle states: In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence. It would appear to someone familiar with this principle that we have entered a new phase, under this administration, where people are allowed to rise ABOVE their level of incompetence. Take the first two cabinet appointees to take the stand so far, Albertorture Gonzales and Condiliar Rice. One gave the President advice that the Geneva Convention's rules against torture did not apply to those taken prisoner in the WoT. Even though: Article Six establishes the Constitution, and the laws and treaties of the United States made in accordance with it, to be the supreme law of the land. Which makes torturing a violation of the Constitution. The other was the head of security when the greatest attack on American soil happened. Let me ask you a question. You work for a company and you're head of security. An event occurs that shows you to not have done a very good job of protecting your company's security. Let's say someone breaks in a steals all your equipment. Do you think you will be keeping your job, much less be promoted?

That is why I came to the realization long ago that as far as this administration is concerned these two and the others like them have not done anything wrong, they have actually excelled. So in that case we can throw out the Peter Principle out. It can be confusing because when you take what they say and look at the results of their actions they look like total failures. Like this article shows, New intelligence reports raise questions about U.S. mission in Iraq:
"The sad thing is we have created what the administration claimed we were intervening to prevent: an Iraq/al-Qaida linkage," one of the senior intelligence officials said
That line is a little misleading because that was only one of the reasons we "intervened", remember those pesky WMD's? But if the result is actually what was intended and they have just been pulling the wool over our eyes then they aren't incompetent they are just liars and crooks.

If they wanted to create chaos all along then they are succeeding. If all Tenent had to do was make sure that, no matter what the evidence showed, we could use WMD as an excuse to invade Iraq then he did his job. If all Bremer had to do was to make sure that all that reconstruction money got funneled to the right corporations and that the country descended in to total chaos, then he did his job. And if all Tommy Franks had to do was to make sure that only the Oil ministry was protected and to make sure our troops, for the most part, just stayed out of the way as chaos ensued then he did his job. It also then makes sense why these three received medals for their service.

In case you forgot Seymour Hersh reminds us that Iraq is not the end but the beginning, THE COMING WARS. It also looks like he hit a nerve, Pentagon lashes out at Iran claim You do remember that we are building 14 `enduring bases' in Iraq? We're not building those for the Iraqi military. What I ask is for everyone to remember not to concentrate on what they say but concentrate on what they do and the outcome of their actions.



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