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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
It Doesn't make sense!
Let me see if I have the "story" straight. On September 11th we were attacked by 19 highjackers, 15 of which were from Saudi Arabia. Because of that we attack Afghanistan and not Saudi Arabia. Makes sense. Once we have, ahem, liberated Afghanistan it only makes logical sense that we would then go after Saudi Arabia, right? Nope, we then have to invade, conquer and occupy Iraq because -- well pick your favorite excuse this administration made up and insert it here -- they were going to, maybe someday, possibly have, a weapon of some kind, that they could use to attack us, probably. Of course Iraq never did attacked the US and none of the 9/11 highjackers were from Iraq. Now we find out that Iraq Bomber Reportedly Saudi Med Student. Do you think this President will invade Bandar Bush's country now? Did you see this? Another one of our "allies" in the region seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, Kuwait Detains Soldiers for Plot Against U.S. Forces. Didn't we also "liberate" Kuwait for it's monarchy a few years ago? And that is how the Kuwaitis thank us for putting their benevolent King back on his throne? Well next time we send our CIA backed tyrant from Iraq into their country maybe we won't liberate them. So we do not attack the country that is supposedly responsible for 9/11 and continue to allow them to attack our soldiers? That is how your President is fighting the WoT.

Don't forget how well this war is going, 5 U.S. Troops Are Killed, and Baghdad Governor Is Slain. Remember how the violence leading up to each stage is going to get worse but then after that event occurs it will get better? We were told that after Uday and Qusay were captured it would get better. We were told that after Saddam was captured it would get better. We were told that after they had a constitution in place it would get better. We were told once we handed over "sovereignty" it would get better. It never did, it only gets worse. Now we are being told that once the "(s)election" is over it will get better. Do you honestly believe that? It will only get better when we leave.



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