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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
I've been having some trouble lately getting my thoughts together. The main reason is because I've been busy at work the past two weeks with the preparing for the start of the 79th Legislature here in Texas. So with little time available and the stories coming fast a furious I've been having trouble getting my thoughts together. Another contributing factor was the shameful display put on by the Congressional Democrats last week. I believe are country is on the slow burn to Fascism and most people in this country either just don't care or, I hope, are not paying attention to what is happening. Which one is more disheartening I'm not sure.

Then there is the fact that all you see on the television now, as far as news is concerned, is complete and total garbage. I'm not talking about CBS and Dan Rather. I'm talking about things like this, Lawmakers Call on President to Stop Covert Propaganda. Goebbels would be proud. As far as CBS and Dan Rather are concerned it seems that they were used pretty good. As I thought this through last night it became clear to me that the documents that CBS received were a Rove plant. Why do I know that? Check this out. Apparently what CBS did wrong was not that they had an agenda out for Bush but they wanted to be the first network to get the story. Remember the facts of the story were never discussed once the forged documents were "found out". The facts show that Bush was AWOL. Now back to Rove. He knows the story is true and he also knows the story is about to break. "What to do, what to do", he says to himself. Plant false documents, allow the story to break -- on the so-callled "most liberal" network, then sick the dogs on the fake documents. All the media will focus on is the "fake" documents scandal and forget that what the documents say are true. It also does the job of keeping all other media off the story because it's too messy now. They also threw in that CBS contacted Joe Lockhart of the Kerry campaign, that was a nice little touch. But since the media is so liberal they decided to forget about it. Sure they did!

So maybe it's the hypocrisy. No I really think what I've been having trouble with the most is how I'm going to come to terms with the Democratic Party. The way Kerry has acted since the election makes me think the election was all just two fraternity brothers playing a prank on (the)US. Hillary, If she runs I'll vote for Perot. You can run down the list and the Democrats in the Senate are just corruption lite, excepty for Barbara Boxer, of course. Did you see how Joe Biden kissed Albertorture Gonzales' ass?
This is not a witch hunt. This is about your judgment. That's all we're trying to do. And so when I get to ask my questions, I hope you'll be candid about it, because -- not that it's relevant -- I like you. I like you. You are real -- you're the real deal.
Sure, you're a torturer but that has nothing to do with your judgement, I mean we all torture sometimes. What the F**K is Biden talking about. We all get to the top by toturing right? Now we have the new freak that's been nominated to head the SS, er, I mean the DHS. I'm sure Biden's all right with him too. Not to mention President of Fabricated Crises. One more thing on the hypocrisy, did you see these two: Bush Honors Tenet, Franks, Bremer and US Search for WMD in Iraq is Over: Report.

Then there is the horror story of Iraq, Devastated Iraq, the upcoming election, The Projected Winner in Iraq: Failure and what is our President gonna do about this, Iraq rebels in video taunt?
Departing from fiery Islamic slogans, Iraqi guerrillas have launched a propaganda campaign with an English-language video urging U.S. troops to lay down their weapons and seek refuge in mosques and homes.

The video, narrated in fluent English by what sounded like an Iraqi educated in the United States or Britain, also mocked the U.S. president's challenge to rebels in the early days of the insurgency to 'bring it on'.

"George W. Bush; you have asked us to 'bring it on'. And so help me, (we will) like you never expected. Do you have another challenge?," asked the narrator before the video showed explosions around a U.S. military Humvee vehicle.

Threats intended to demoralise and frighten in the tense build up to elections at the end of the month were tempered with invitations to desert and escape retribution.

A masked guerrilla from an unknown group called the Islamic Jihad Army, eschewing past impassioned Arabic-language threats of holy war, told U.S. soldiers: "This is not your war, nor are you fighting for a true cause in Iraq."

"To the American soldiers we say you can also choose to fight tyranny with us. Lay down your weapons and seek refuge in our mosques, churches and homes. We will protect you," he said.
I've been on too long now. I will try to get back to my regular posting as soon as I can. Later, Larry



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