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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
The pre-election state of the Iraqi resistance
Iraqi Insurgency Proves Tough to Crack
"I think during election day they're going to start to attack early, create as big of a media event as they can, to try and intimidate people," a senior U.S. commander said Tuesday.

Other assessments are even more bleak.
They're ALL starting to line up against us
How the U.S. Became the World's Dispensable Nation
The US is being sidelined even in the area that Mr Bush identified in last week's address as America's mission: the promotion of democracy and human rights. The EU has devoted far more resources to consolidating democracy in post-communist Europe than has the US. By contrast, under Mr Bush, the US hypocritically uses the promotion of democracy as the rationale for campaigns against states it opposes for strategic reasons. Washington denounces tyranny in Iran but tolerates it in Pakistan. In Iraq, the goal of democratisation was invoked only after the invasion, which was justified earlier by claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was collaborating with al-Qaeda.
That's not true, they hate us because we're free.

A good wrap-up of Spongebob and Crazy Jim
Cartoon Madness
It was the perfect gesture at the perfect time.



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