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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
A Random Sampling Of What's Going On
The Senate Democrats lay our their agenda, for what it's worth.
The American Promise A Future of Security, Opportunity and Responsibility
By embracing and affirming our core values of security, opportunity and responsibility, Democrats are united to help America fulfill this promise.
Why do these families hate America?
The Dangerous Gold Star Families
Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld continues to astound us Gold Star Families with his heartlessness, callousness and disrespect in the faces of our children who are being killed in the mindless invasion and occupation of Iraq.
Why is there not money for schools, health care, social security, the poor, jobs, etc..? I think it's because your President is spending your money on a war that did not need to be fought!
$80-Billion Request for Wars Expected
The request would push the total provided so far for those wars and for U.S. efforts against terrorism elsewhere to more than $280 billion since the first funds were provided shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks.
A very good explanation with graphics
Social Security For Dummies

Two more casualties from the war in Iraq. My wife pointed this out to me this weekend from the Austin paper
Police: Suspect followed other women before attacking clerk
Police said Williams, a former Marine who served in Iraq and was discharged last year after four years in the service, was arrested last month in Tyler on a cocaine possession charge. He was released on $2,000 bail.

Williams' parents in Tyler declined to comment Saturday.

Aunt Linda Williams told the Tyler Morning Telegraph that her nephew seemed angrier and not as talkative since he returned from Iraq.

"All you can do is sit here and wonder, you know, what happened," she told the newspaper. "I guess he just snapped. I don't know. He's been asking for help ever since he came home from the military."
These random acts of violence will become more and more prevalent as more soldiers come home. It is a sad repercussion of war. There will be many more.

It appears there were more than a few bad apples
More Prisoner Abuse in Iraq Alleged
The latest series of allegations add to a growing pattern that human rights activists said suggested systematic abuse at U.S. military detention facilities across the globe.
Meet the newest member of the SCLM
NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams thinks Limbaugh should get more credit
Brian Williams, who replaced Tom Brokaw as anchor and managing editor of NBC's Nightly News on December 2, 2004, said in an interview with C-SPAN founder, president, and CEO Brian Lamb: "it's my duty to listen to [nationally syndicated radio host] Rush" Limbaugh and that "Rush has actually yet to get the credit he is due."



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