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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
We've got a problem. It appears that quite a few of our soldiers don't want to go to war anymore. Despite this, Media Training Now Required for Iraq-Bound Soldiers:
A list of "wallet-card" talking points given to a group of Marines heading to Iraq, obtained by that newspaper, included:

? The Marine Corps is trained, resourced, and ready to accomplish its missions. We are committed to the cause and will remain in Iraq as long as we are needed.
? The fight in Iraq is tough, but we will remain steadfast and not lose heart.
? We are moving forward together with the Iraqi government as partners in building a future for the sons and daughters of Iraq.
? Coalition forces will help our Iraqi partners as they build their new and independent country and take their rightful place in the world community.
? Our troopers and their families are our greatest and most treasured resource.
? The Corps is a national institution -- it has never failed to do the will of the American people.
So remember the reality doesn't matter. What matters is that if you happen to talk to a reporter you make sure to paint a rosy picture. That could be hard since the U.S. Military Personnel Growing Critical of the War in Iraq:
US military officials are becoming increasingly vocal in their criticism of the war in Iraq, telling Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that more troops are needed to prevail over the insurgents. Moreover, recruitment is down and more reservists and members of the National Guard are being sent to Baghdad.

The war is over, at least as far as Darrell Anderson is concerned. Anderson, a 22-year-old GI from Lexington, Kentucky, deserted a week ago, heading across the US' loosely controlled border with Canada. When his fellow soldiers in the First US Tank Division, stationed in Hessen, Germany, ship out to Iraq for their second tour of duty, he'll be in Canada.
Let's see. The ranks are shrinking and no one wants to join anymore so logically speaking that seems to point to a draft. But there are ways around it. Here's one, RAND to seek ways to avoid draft:
The solution? Outsource desk and logistics jobs to private companies while pushing those "chairborne" warriors out of their offices into fighting units.
Here's another, Mini-nukes on US agenda:
The Bush administration appears determined to build a new generation of small nuclear weapons, especially "earth penetrators", designed to attack nuclear, chemical or biological materials buried deep underground.
So we "out-source" the desk jobs and push the paper-pushers onto the battle field and use "mini nukes" so we don't need that many troops. It looks like this administration is going to try and have it's cake and eat it too. Meaning they are going to try and have their wars without a draft.

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