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Friday, February 25, 2005
The Filter
Jay Rosen of Press Think has a great post on what the whole James Guckert/Bush press problem, In the Press Room of the White House that is Post Press, many great links in here. One I didn't know was the fact that Gannon was exposed a year ago. The main focus of Jay Rosen's post is about how this administration is trying, and in many ways succeeding, to evade and discredit the press. They evade by calling the press a filter and saying they want to talk directly to the people:
Justice Department spokeswoman Barbara Comstock says her boss, with few exceptions, is only granting short interviews to local TV stations as a way of ?explaining key facts directly to the American people and not having as much of a filter from people who are already invested in having a different view of it.?
When I read this two things came to mind. First the administration just want to make sure they are choosing the filter. Second who owns the filter they choose? Any Sinclair stations in that room with Ashcroft? One more thing came to mind as well. What would happen if the press just stopped covering the White House?



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