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Thursday, February 10, 2005
It Ought To, But It Can't
Do you know who said this?
"Our agenda ought to be able to stand on its own two feet."
I thought of this quote several times over the course of the last week or so, since the SOTU. That should give it away. That's right, it was dear leader, POTUS, the leader of the free world, Dubya, Mr. President, whichever you prefer.

He said that during his press conference about two weeks ago. That quote comes from the part of the press conference when he was being asked about Armstrong Williams and the payola scandal. I also find it interesting that the next question that was asked was the one that started the next media scandal for the White House.

Now this type of thing should not be shocking to you. That is if you pay attention. If you don't it may make you take a step back. The government and the media, now both owned by the same corporations, have merged their message and messengers. That only makes good business sense, right? Why I lead with that quote is because it sheds a light on the corruption of your President. Whenever an image or perception of a person or product has to be repeated over and over it's a sign that it's a false image. Like the President being a strong, decisive, bold, etc.. leader. Like Iraq having WMD, ties to Al Qaeda. Like tax cuts for the rich bringing prosperity. You see what I mean? So what this quote demonstrates is that by the President having to run around the country trying to sell his Social Security privatization scam "campaign-style" shows just how pathetic it is. If it is such a good plan why can't he go in front of audiences that aren't pre-screened to keep out those that disagree with him? Why can't our strong, decisive and bold President stand up to the scrutiny? I say it's because the exact opposite is true!

The reason they need people on the inside gaming the system is because their message cannot stand on it's own two feet. Instead they have government paid media to rig the message. If he message was credible he would invite in nothing but those opposed to his plan and with sound arguments tear apart their arguments. What am I saying?



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