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Thursday, February 03, 2005
I've Got A Few Questions
Do you know why the President said this last night?
Justice is distorted, and our economy is held back by irresponsible class actions and frivolous asbestos claims, and I urge Congress to pass legal reforms this year.
Do you think this had anything to do with it? Halliburton Co. Tuesday said it completed funding its asbestos liability settlements, marking the end of a long-running legal tussle in the oilfield service company's history. I'm sure Cheney appreciates Bush bringing up his biggest f**kup as CEO of Halliburton. More on this below.

Here's a good take on the SOTU
Bush Promises More Pain
Bush?s State of the Union was a great speech if you work on Wall Street, or if you?re a negligent doctor, or if you?re the CEO of an asbestos company or a nuclear energy company, or if you?re a millionaire the old-fashioned way, through inheritance.

Why are these two companies leaving Iran? Why were they doing business with an "Axis of Evil" country anyway? Halliburton and GE. Do they know the bombs are coming and they need to cut their ties now so they can be involved in the reconstruction?

Why is our freedom loving war President afraid of these people?

If the private accounts are such a good deal why do only those under 55 years old get to participate? If they're such a good deal wouldn't everybody want them? Is there something wrong with them?

The Democrats held together pretty damn good today, Democrats Oppose Torture, Republicans Endorse Torture.



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