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Friday, February 04, 2005
Plain And Simple
Man I lovePaul Krugman's columns. I also love Daily Kos, Artios, Talking Points Memo and There is No Crisis. They are all great chroniclers, along with many others, of the lies this administration is telling about Social Security. One point that is not being hammered home enough by all of us is that the President and to a larger extent the conservatives and Republicans want Social Security done away with. The GOP in particular and the far right wing of that party specifically never wanted Social Security and have been out to kill Social Security since the day it was signed into law. They have always seen it as antithetical to their philosophy. Plain and simple. Their plan has been, since Reagan was elected, to run deficits so high that the only way to turn it around is to cut spending on social issues. Plain and simple.

They needed a war to be able to do this as well because that insures no cuts to defense spending. We can debate all the budget priorities and how we can't cut defense during a war blah, blah, blah. But remember Social Security was created during the depression and spending on social issues increased tremendously. Soon after came WWII and with it more government spending. This was not done without much sacrifice. It also spurred one of the greatest economic transformations in our history. If we want to fix Social Security it can be done. Those that have more must pay more. Plain and simple. Those that with the most are sacrificing the least right now and that is not right. Plain and simple.

Now that the Republicans have spent the last four years spending your money on give aways to corporations and the rich in the form of war and tax cuts hey don't want to pay the money back. So in order to make you stomach that fact they want you to put your money into their private account scheme so they can allow the market to take it's course with your money. Every time it is possible to point this out we should. Because when we allow them do speak from the point of reforming, fixing, securing the system it allows them to frame their side of the argument in a way that is fundamentally dishonest. Plain and simple.



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