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Monday, February 21, 2005
The President and Pat Buchanon
The President is visiting Europe this week. The message he is taking to the continent is this: Ok, so we disagreed on Iraq, it's not too late for y'all to jump in with me for my future wars. I wonder what they think about the current temporary debates going on about Syria and Iran?
Bush sought to reach out to European leaders who had opposed his Iraq war policy, playing down their severe rifts as a "temporary debate" and "passing disagreement of governments."
Once again I am stunned at the writings of Pat Buchanon. In this article, Baiting a Trap for Bush? He says that the assassination of ex-Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri of Lebanon would not benefit Syria and therefore they wouldn't have done it. So who does benefit? Another topic he explores is that those in this administration pushing for war against Syria and Iran are the same people that gave St. Ronald bad advice about Lebanon back in the '80's. He also does a pretty good job of documenting what a horrible error Iraq has been. He finishes with a fantasy paragraph because logic does not play in this White House:
If FDR can negotiate with Stalin and Nixon with Mao, and this White House can deal with Gadhafi and Kim Jong Il, George Bush can talk with Assad of Syria and Khatami of Iran to prevent a wider war for which the costs in blood and treasure would be far higher and the benefits even less than from this misbegotten war in Iraq.
Like I've said before Buchanon will rip Bush in his magazine but when you see him on MSNBC he just rips Democrats and loves all over Bush. I he would say on TV what he does in his magazine I could take him more seriously.



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