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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Have you heard yet that the US is negotiating with the terrorists in Iraq? I mean the resistance. Talking with the Enemy. This should not surprise anyone. Republicans have a history of negotiating with "terrorists" for political gain. Take a trip with me down memory lane and let's remember what St. Ronnie did. The October Surprise, Iran's Ex-President Blows the Whistle. Arms for Hostages, SENT IRAN ARMS FOR HOSTAGE RELEASES; WEAPONS WERE SUPPLIED FOR AID IN FREEING 3 IN LEBANON, GOVERNMENT SOURCES SAY. Who can forget Iran Contra. Oh yeah, don't forget this either, 1984: US troops withdraw from Beirut:
US President Ronald Reagan ordered military personnel to begin pulling out of the area over a week ago following a recent upsurge in terrorist attacks.
So ya see, when they need to they will not only negotiate with terrorists they will also give in when the violence gets to be too much.

Alternet has some analysis here, The insurgent who came in from the cold. But this analysis seems to think this is all meant to bring a political solution for Iraq. I don't think so. To me the question that needs to be asked is, what does our government and the Iraqi resistance share as a goal for their country? I believe it's a Shia dominated government with ties to Iran. In other words the result of the election have forced these two back into each otters arms.



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