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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Blogging vs. Journalism
Yesterday I went to the the SXSW Interactive Festival and listened to the panel on Blogging vs. Journalism. Those on the panel were Jason Kottke, Jason Calacanis, Rebecca MacKinnon and Brad Owens. Here is the only article I could find on it so far, Austin conference explores blogging vs. journalism. It was a good discussion with very interesting panelists. One of the most interesting points made were about bloggers living in their own bubble. The all link to each other and just live in this little cocoon. I think Ms. MacKinnon referred to it as just as, "First World white geeks." Meaning, in my opinion, that at this time it is just the people who have the knowledge and the resources to blog. Which means there is enormous room for growth and transformation. The other was the vitriol and frankness about editing -- I prefer censorship -- in the MSM. Mr. Owens made good points about the lack of competition in media and bloggers filling that gap. All the usual things were there as well. Journalism is now focused on the bottom line and not what's important. Good hard news and investigative reporting. The lack of foreign news in this country. Media consolidation. Mr. Calacanis told a humorous story about working with a "journalist" on a blog who wanted to talk all the time and how this business is about posting, "So post something already". How blogging has built in checks and balances, if you make a mistake you will be called on it and be forced to correct your mistake. But the main point of blogging vs. journalism or is blogging journalism was discussed too. This has been hashed and rehashed many times and I think the answer is no doubt yes. Blogging is filling a void, a gaping hole, created by the fluff put out as journalism by the MSM. Blogging is where it's at. A conversation if you will and will continue to be it as long as the government leaves it alone.



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