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Thursday, March 03, 2005
Bush Is Scared of The American People
If privatizing Social Security is such a good idea why to they have do try and trick us into liking it?

If privatizing Social Security is such a good idea why do they have to fudge the numbers when the try and explain it to us?

And if privatizing Social Security is such a good idea why can't President Bush go in front of a whole room full of people that oppose it, take their questions and try and sway them using the facts and the truth? I mean he's a straight talker, right? He says what he means, right?

I know why and you do too. Because the truth is their, ahem, "so called plan" to privatize Social Security is shit. And our President would look bad trying to explain a plan, that he doesn't know the details of, to a bunch of people with legitimate questions. Not to mention they might even ask a follow up question, unlike the press corps. Can you imagine Bush treating a citizen like he does the press corps? Sorry you had your one question, no away with you.

Here is the skinny on the White House's 60 day campaign to school you on Social Security, The President and His Traveling Revival Show.



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