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Thursday, March 31, 2005
Guckert and the NPC
Have you seen the latest news about the Jim Gucker, aka, Jeff Gannon being on a National Press Club panel on Who is a Journalist? Well things have changed,National Press Club bans public from GannonGuckert panel discussion:
Gee, embarrassed about something? I know it's been years since we've had hookers on 15th street, but come on guys, we're all grown ups, and we've already seen him naked (just look further on down this page). And does anyone else find it ironic that a panel about whether non-credentialed media (such as bloggers) are journalists is now banning non-credentialed media? And perhaps the biggest irony, under these rules Guckert wouldn't be allowed to attend his own panel! The "old boys" are circling the wagons.
Now we find out that Reporter, editor say 'Jeff Gannon' plagiarized article. As John at AmericaBlog says, "That sound you hear is the clock ticking off the seconds before the National Press Club is forced to admit they made a massive mistake."



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