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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
I wrote this post earlier today but was unable to post until now because of the earlier problems with Blogger.

As I looked over the news today there is quite a bit happening.

The Iraqi Parliament met for the second time today and failed to name a speaker and it descended into chaos. Scottie has a different take on it though.

Our tough guy "war" President is too chicken#@$% to take questions from the American people. So after using tax payer money to fund his fake town hall meetings he has RNC rent-a-cops trash citizens first amendment rights.

The president's two latest nominees continue to get heat. Wolfie wants to work at the same place as his girlfriend. Can you picture that conversation. Mr. President can I go to work a the World Bank so I can be close to my girlfriend. Sure Paul. Josh Bolton has plenty of skeletons in his closet. Steve Clemons has all the details at The Washington Note.

But, of course, the main thing is that corpo-religio-fascism continues to come at us at a staggering pace. The latest symbol of this is, of course, the Terri Schiavo fiasco. I think that for the Bush boys, George and Jeb, this has gone on way too long. It's always cool for them to be able to fire up the base of the party but when every network keeps putting them, the crazy ones, like Randall Terry and Bill Tierney, on TV- day after day after day- it starts to make them nervous. Because if the people start realizing that these people and the Bush's are one in the same it's curtains for team Bush. They, the Bush's, want these people to vote for them but they don't want to be tied too closely to them for this long by the media. The people that go to church every week are who they want to be their face to America not these people who are letting their kids get arrested. Americans don't like people that want to force their religious beliefs on them, or any other belief for that matter.

Oh yeah, Michael Moore was right, 'N.Y. Times' Gets Documents on Post-9/11 Saudi Flights from U.S..



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