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Monday, March 21, 2005
Two Years Later (PBU12)
It's been two years now since our President started his revenge war in Iraq against those that struck us on 9/11. No, no that's not it. It was because Iraq had WMD. NO, no, it was because they had a weapons program. No, it's because he had weapons program related activities. No, it was to free the Iraqi people from brutal dictator. No, it was to spread freedom and democracy throughout the region. Well, whatever reason has been used these last two years you can bet that's not the reason we went. Whether you think it's oil, WMD, democracy, Iran, payback or anything else there is one fact that cannot be denied. If there was little or no Oil in Iraq this administration would treat it like the Sudan.

So as you read this New York Times piece about how great things are going in Iraq now notice a couple of things about this article. John Burns is one of the better American reporters in Iraq. No matter how good an American reporter is though, they are still in a bubble, and are not free to move about the country. The only people in this article that talk about how much better things are going are US military personnel. There are no Iraqis quoted in this article to back up what it's premise. So to be honest there is no real change here. The US military has been saying since we set foot on the ground that everything is going great.

As usual though if you turn to the foreign press you get a totally different view, 45 dead in Iraq unrest on 2nd anniversary of US-led invasion. Not to worry though. Our Secretary of Defense, ex-CEO by the way, knows exactly whose fault the resistance in Iraq is. The one thing you can be sure of is that it's not his our your President, aka Mr. Accountability's fault. Why it's Turkey's fault, of course. This administration's pre-planned chaos is Turkey's fault? Maybe if they could have waited 45 more days... Oh yeah, I forgot Iraq was an imminent threat. It just keeps going.

If you have children you need to read this, Uncle Sam Really, Really Wants You...:
If the shortage of new soldiers persists, many worry that the government will be forced to reintroduce a compulsory military draft for the first time since the Vietnam War.

There are already signs that the Selective Service System (SSS), as it is known, is gearing up for business. By Mar. 31, the SSS boards in every state must certify to Washington that they are ready to induct the first young men within 75 days.

They're putting in place the mechanisms to actually do a draft,” said Dustin Langley, a spokesman for the Troops Out Now Coalition representing more than 400 labour, community and human rights groups.
Remember what started this war in Iraq. What allowed the American public to go to war based on a fictitious threat. It was a "terrorist attack" on our country. That this administration had warnings about. I've asked this question before but It needs to be asked again. What would it take for you to willingly sacrifice one of your children for this administration? That is what keeps me awake at night and what I fear may be coming next. Happy Second Anniversary!



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