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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Uh Oh!
I've been thinking. When I say that to my wife her response is usually, "Uh oh!" What I've been thinking about is that there are some eerie similarities to what is happened in Bush's first term to what is happening in his second term. Mainly that everything he was trying to do wasn't working in his first term just like now. His Social Security scam is not going well. Members of his own party are starting to make noise about his budget priorities. Iraq, despite the elections, is still a mess for the average person. It also seems inevitable that this administration will "preemtively strike" somewhere else in that region eventually. We have major competition on the world stage with China now. Let me put it this way, in order for Bush to get the things done that he needs to do he needs little if no dissent. In order to get that he needs something to shut people up and make them toe the line. So just think about this. What would it take for most people in this country to allow their retirement security to be taken away, their children to be drafted and their civil rights to be completely taken away? It would probably be something pretty bad. Uh oh!

Oh yeah, Halliburton is crooked
The Spoils of War
Halliburton subsidiary KBR got $12 billion worth of exclusive contracts for work in Iraq. But even more shocking is how KBR spent some of the money. Former U.S. Army Corps of Engineers official Bunnatine Greenhouse is blowing the whistle on the Dick Cheney?linked company's profits of war
Oh yeah, Halliburton is REALLY crooked
Shipping was extra ? a lot extra
Iraq needed fuel. Halliburton Co. was ordered to get it there ? quick. So the Houston-based contractor charged the Pentagon $27.5 million to ship $82,100 worth of cooking and heating fuel.
You can do that if your former CEO is not the Vice President. - LH

The revolving door keeps spinning
Ex-TSA/DHS leader Asa Hutchinson joins SAFLINK Board
Biometric and smart card security company, SAFLINK, has added an influential member to its board of directors. Former Homeland Security Under Secretary and TSA head, Asa Hutchinson will help the company by "work(ing) with its management in solving present and future security needs of the nation." No doubt he can help to gain the attention of government project leaders and decision makers as well.
Isn't that overstating the obvious - LH



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