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Friday, April 29, 2005
Republicans Say/Do The Stupidest Things
Last week when the Republicans were unable to keep up their ethics committee charade and were forced to roll back the corrupt ethics rule changes they had put in. I couldn't help but laugh. They were acting as if doing what they are supposed to do, have a non-partisan ethics committee, entails them to a pat on the back. It reminds me of a Chris Rock stand where he talks about, "ni%&ers are always taking credit for doing what they're supposed to do". In that case it was saying things like, "I ain't ever been to jail. You ain't supposed to go to jail, ni%&er! In the Republicans case they are saying look how good were are for leaving the ethics committee non-partisan. Well it's supposed to be non-partisan. There go the Republicans, taking credit for doing what they're supposed to do.



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