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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Stalin? Wisdom? Greatest Political Figure Of The 20th Century?
Holy shit! Don't conservatives have strange heros?
"Here again I draw on the wisdom of Stalin. We're talking about the greatest political figure of the 20th century. He had a slogan, and it worked very well for him whenever he ran into difficulty. 'No man, no problem.'"


The audience laughed, and Vieira repeated it. "'No man, no problem.' This is not a structural problem we have. This is a problem of personnel."
Someone had to ask, Is That Legal? This, of course, is from a Christofascist gathering of Republicans that occurred last weekend. It of course had one of those great Karl Rove/Frank Luntz-esgue wing-nut tested titles, Confronting The Judicail War on Faith. The next quote is from, Michael Schwartz, the longtime right-wing operative who now serves as Senator Tom Coburn's chief of staff, made The Hammer sound soft:
"This problem that we're dealing with fundamentally is a question of sovereignty," he said. He went on to argue that, "when the Supreme Court says that there is a right to kill babies in the Constitution and therefore we can't have laws against that, or there is a right to commit buggery in the Constitution and we can't have laws against that," it implicitly asserts that "the people have no right to make laws."

As long as the Supreme Court purports to "grade the papers of Congress" -- in other words, to evaluate its laws -- "it is counter to the very basis of this republic." Thus, until America throws out the principal of judicial review, "it is a sick and sad joke to claim we have a Constitution."
Now I'm not sure where Mr. Schwartz went to school but I'm pretty sure he got at least as good if not a better education than me. I can still remember back to grade school where we learned: The President exectutes the laws, Congress passes the laws and the Supreme Court interprets the laws. You can call it grading papers if you want Mr. Schwartz but no matter how you slice it the Judiciary is, and is supposed to be and independent CHECK on the other two branches of government. Maybe he should spend a little time here, Congress For Kids.

It is not surprising that these wing-nut wackos are saying these kind of shameful things. It's also not surprising that Stalin is one of their heros. The aim of these people (listed below) and their believers is to completely destroy the confidence in the judiciary. Just like this administrations aim to destroy confidence in the media. The other not-so-surprising thing in all of this is the lack of coverage in the MSM therefore giving these people legitimacy. This should be getting at least as much coverage as Trent Lott did.

Executive Committee: (Judeo-Christian Council on Constitutional Restoration) or {JCCCR})
Rev. Jerry Falwell
Michael Farris (Home
School Legal Defense Association)
former Vatican Ambassador Ray Flynn
Alveda King (King for America)
Rabbi Daniel Lapin (Toward
Ron Luce (Teen Mania)
Dave Meyer (Joyce Meyer
Fr. Frank Pavone (Priests for Life)
Dr. Rick
Scarborough (Vision America. Interim Chairman, Judeo-Christian Council for
Constitutional Restoration)
Phyllis Schlafly (Eagle Forum)
Thomas Smith (America 21)
Mike Valerio
Read this article in The Nation. Also familiarize yourself with the Constitution Restoration Act of 2004 and Christian Reconstructionists/Dominionists. They have perverted the Christian religion into a cult of freaks. I never thought I would see believers in Jesus Christ have such nice things to say about Stalin.



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