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Monday, May 09, 2005
No Child Left Behind? (PBU19)
This administration has brought forth many dishonest, shall we say "Orwellian", propositions but none more so than No Child Left Behind (NCLB). NCLB is nothing more than the planned destruction of national public education. Looking for information on this I found this site,, and it's list of NCLB Problems. As I look at the problems and statistics related to NCLB and where my state, Texas, stands. I can't help but believe that George W. Bush is trying to do to the National schools what he did to schools in Texas.

I think the biggest problem my wife and I have with NCLB is it's reliance on standardized tests, which are ineffective. A standardized test is an attempt to get everyone to attain a minimum standard, not an attempt to have every child reach their full potential. Standardized tests cause teacher's to teach to the test - they have to build the curriculum around the test - instead of teaching what needs to learned. This is one reason that we are seriously thinking of home schooling our children. I was educated in public schools and always thought my children would be too. That was before the Republicans got control of them.



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