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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Poor Charlie Rose
Last night as I passed by two shows while George Galloway were on TV I thought I had entered the twilight zone. First it was Hardball and then it was The Charlie Rose Show.

When I flipped on Hardball Chris Matthews was already interviewing Sen. Norm Coleman about what he has accused Mr. Galloway of doing. He would never answer the question if Mr. Galloway had ever profited personally from the Oil For Food program. Then having Mr. Galloway on right after and to answer all questions directly to refute everything the Senator said was incredible. Just because the MSM will never, in this day and age, allow many people like that on TV. It ended like this and it was beautiful:
MATTHEWS: So you didn't make a thin dime, to repeat your defense.

GALLOWAY: Not one thin dime.

MATTHEWS: Then why is Coleman going after you?

GALLOWAY: Because he is the most pro-war, pro-Israel, neocon hawk on the Hill.

MATTHEWS: But why is he going after you, because you're antiwar?

GALLOWAY: Well, I'm coming to that. And by the way, there's a lot of competition for that title, a lot of competition for that title. And he is smearing in a smokescreen: Kofi Annan, whose dismissal he demanded; me;

President Chirac; anybody that stood against the United States policy on the war, partly for revenge and partly because it is a useful diversion.

That you and I are talking now about this instead of talking about the big

disaster that people like Norman Coleman has taken the whole world into



MATTHEWS: Thank you very much. George Galloway of the British Parliament. Back with more HARDBALL in a moment.
Hopefully this will go a long way to end Sen. Coleman's career.

Charlie Rose does not post transcripts of his show and last nights show is probably the reason. Mr. Galloway put him to shame. My most memorable part was during the discussion of whether we should just leave Iraq. Mr. Galloway said yes. Charlie started in about what will happen if we just leave. Mr. Galloway said something to the effect of the same thing that happened in other countries when their governments fall, he gave examples, they will work it out. He said why should we think that Iraqis won't do the same things we did, they're just as good as us. Then Charlie rambled about how all the guests he has on say well we may have made a mistake going to Iraq but we can't leave until we rebuild and secure Iraq. I can't remember what Mr. Galloway said in response but all I could think was, Charlie, you need to get a wider variety of guests. There is a little more on this here.

All this shows is just how pathetic the media in this country has become.



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