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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Social Security, A Fundamental Question?
Over the last seventy years many things have occurred in the country. We have shifted our society in many ways. Black people can now vote, mostly, without being harassed. Segregation is over. And major attempts were made to help those that need it the most, i.e., Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Head Start. Some have worked and some haven't. I understand people's complaints about wasting their money on social programs that do not work. But Social Security is different. Ask anybody and they will tell you that it one of, if no the most, successful social program ever created, EVER!

The vast majority of people in America, no matter what party they are from, do not have a problem paying for, or even paying more money for, a program that works. So my question is:
Why is this administration so opposed to asking Americans, particularly
wealthier Americans, to give back their needless tax cuts of the last four years
to help insure the solvency of such a vital and well run social program?

Maybe it's because they never liked it. They don't believe in people working together for the common good. Why else would they be working so hard to dismantle something that has worked so well?



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