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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
US courts reveal the future of Social Security.

As Congress approves more spending for the War on Terror (WOT), Congress Approves $82 Billion for Wars, Halliburton gets a bonus, Halliburton Is Awarded $72 Million in Bonuses:
"It is outrageous that the Bush administration would give Halliburton a bonus after we have seen its overcharges, sloppy accounting and kickback schemes in Iraq," Lautenberg said. "Giving Halliburton a bonus is like giving your worst employee a raise."
Personally I consider it to be corruption. This is the Vice President's former company.

Check out the opening line to this article on reconstruction in Iraq:
Major reconstruction has not yet got off the ground in Iraq...
They're not saying that it's going slow, or that it's not proceeding as planned, no they're saying it "hasn't got off the ground"! This is truly an amazing article and if you're not against the war on moral grounds you certainly will because War is a Racket. They also point to the fact that security has cost so much that's why the reconstruction is "behind". What security?

As if the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) wasn't stealing enough taxpayer money in Iraq. Now the PIC (Prison Industrial Complex) is getting in on the act, U.S. to Expand Prison Facilities in Iraq.



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