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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
What's Really Going On, The Filibuster Debate
I've been thinking now for several weeks that this whole filibuster debate is not only a setup for Supreme Court nominations down the line but for every type of action in the Senate. Especially Social Security. Then today while I was reading this, These Five Senators Know Better Than to Go Nuclear. Don't They?, it became crystal clear that's what the plan is:
The precedent set--a majority ignoring its own rules to override longstanding practice in one area--would almost inexorably make the Senate a mirror image of the House, moving the American system several steps closer to a plebiscitary model of government, and the Senate closer to the unfortunate House model of a cesspool of partisan rancor.
They can pass ANYTHING they want if all they need is 50 Senators. This is an excellent read because it tells exactly how wrong it is.



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